Dirty Observer Tactics; Election 2022

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The Fullerton Observer has a new hit-piece up about the local election, decrying the “dirty politics” and funding of (very specific) PACs which nicely coincides with a similar Facebook post being shared by (D)s and local activists such as Pam Keller.

The story goes into depth about how a “deceptive mailer” was sent out to voters and the terrible, terribleness of dirty politics, especially the attempted linking of a certain candidate to big evil meanies like Trump and Putin.

The trouble, like usual for The Observer, is that this is common and if they’d bothered to look at ALL of the mail being sent out instead of just the ones that offended them, they’d see a common pattern.

I have a mailer in front of me that was paid for by Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva that attempts to paint her opponent Soo Yoo as a supporter and endorser of “White Supremacy”. Sharon, of course, leaves out that the evil “White Supremacist” in question that Soo Yoo is photographed with, Huntington Beach candidate Gracey Larrea-Van Der Mark, is herself a Latina.

SQS2022 Mailer 02

Quirk-Silva, who hyphenated Silva onto her own name after her (second?) marriage wants to sell the idea that a Latina is a “White Supremacist” with context free manipulations.

This hate filled mailer from Quirk-Silva which decries racism is doubly hypocritical considering that her own husband is currently a lobbyist for known racist Adan Ortega.

Quirk-Silva likewise sent out a mailer extolling the “relief” she’s bringing back to Fullerton taxpayers to offset high gas prices. Nowhere does she mention that she voted for Senate Bill 1 which automatically raises your gas prices every year to match inflation. Your gas prices have gone up by $0.21/gallon (and counting) thanks to Quirk-Silva with more hikes coming forever but, again, this little context is left out.

SQS2022 Mailer 01

Why? Because deception is the name of the game in politics. The Observer, and it’s owner Saskia Kennedy, know this all too well – which is why she blatantly engages in the same activities while pretending to peddle “Journalism” and to care oh so much about open and honest elections.

Each of the mailers that Saskia looked into were paid for by the PAC Fullerton Taxpayers for Reform which derives most of it’s funding from local developer Tony Bushala and his family.

Tony Bushala also founded the blog Friends for Fullerton’s Future, which I wrote for (and resurrected) several years after he sold it and shut it down, and I consider Tony a friend. I mention this because, hey guess what, that’s how you disclose things.

But Tony doesn’t control my writing in stark contrast to how the Democratic Party and City Hall control the writing, narrative and which facts are included or left out of Observer articles.

This is why The Observer made a point to call out a negative attack against a Democrat for a specific tight race while ignoring negative attacks on both sides in the Assembly race (Soo Yoo isn’t running a clean campaign either), Supervisors race (Chaffee and Park are both running negative) and so forth.1

The Observer could have called out all of the PACs funding and disseminating information in the local election and all of the lies and distortions in our local races but that would have required real INDEPENDENT investigative journalism but that wasn’t the point – the point was to attack the Wozab campaign and prop up the Hanchett campaign while pretending to care about honesty and integrity in local politics.

This is lazy & partisan and frankly, dear voters, you deserve better. We aim to give you better.

CORRECTION: 1; The Observer did briefly mention the negative attacks in the Supervisor’s race but only in passing while focussing on the attacks against Jay Chen in a separate article, also in support of a (D) candidate. While attacking yet another (R) PAC, this little quote gives the game away; “*Note: Democrats also have Super PACs and independent committees but have used money raised in support of their preferred candidates.”. Oh really Saskia? The (D) Super PACs are all just being nice and running positive campaigns? Please.